Tuesday, 21 July 2009

8 and a half months

That's it, I've almost hit the 8.5 months mark! But at the moment panic has not kicked in, we've had a pretty organised weekend, very productive if I say so myself. We bought wedding bands, booked the honeymoon,and paid the deposit for booking the florist.
oooh and ordered the bridesmaids dresses too!
But theoretically when you hit this poiint in planning there are a list of things you should have accomplished and shold be taking care of - booking cake, ordering stationery, booking flowers.....but it just depends on the bride and groom to be in all honesty. Here at Guide to Being a Scottish Bride, we are a firm believer in the thinking that if you want to be ultra organised then go ahead, plan as much as you can and do what you can when you can. Yes these lists are a great starting point, but don't feel obliged to stick to them.

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