Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Oooooooh I've been busy recently.....too busy to even update Guide to Being a Scottish Bride! If you're a follower of Little Tiger Creations's blog you will know why there's not been a lot happening on here! If you're not a follower.....why not?!

We've now officially hit the 5 month mark till our wedding and I am pleased to say that the to do list has shrunk so much!
The latest accomplishment was booking the hairdresser for the wedding, my main fear with this was that I hate hairdressers. The best advice I have been given so far is to make a "scrapbook" of ideas and styles you like and you think may suit you to show to the hairdresser. Collect as many as you feel are necessary and then sit down with someone who knows you well, for instance your mum and go through the ideas one by one. Decide what it is about the style you like, ask your mum if she thinks it will look ok on you....lets face it, there's no one like our mum's brave enough to tell us the truth!!
Once you've whittled down the images show them to the hairdresser and s/he will suggest their professional opinion and advise you what will suit you. Then it's time for the trial! Make sure you've got all the bits and pieces you need for your trial though, otherwise you could delay things!

For your hair trial you will probably need the following:
* Tiara/ tiara comb
* Veil
* Hair decoration (clip, slide etc)
* Jewelled pins if you are having an updo

Good luck with your wedding hair!!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Magnolia Stamps

I spoiled myself with 2 Magnolia Stamps tonight.....couldn't help it, they're just so lovely!!

Can't wait to get cracking with them and creating cards with them!! So easy pleased aren't I?! I'm also pleased to announce that some of the cards I'm creating will appear for sale on the Little Tiger Creations website

On a more wedding related note, it's now officially 5 months and 29 days! Where is time going?!

Friday, 9 October 2009

Crafty Little Me

Decided to have another bash at card making so I made a card for my lovely husband to be, to give to him on the morning of our wedding :)

Really pleased with this card as it involved a lot more effort than the OoS cards. Happy with the design (though there is something missing I feel) but overall I think the card came out well. What do you guys think?

just need to print the poem for the inside of the card once I find some pretty paper to use :D

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Craft Bug Has Bitten

I've been bitten by the craft bug! After having made the Order of Service cards for our wedding, I decided to have another go at making cards. So at the moment I'm working on a card for my lovely husband to be, which will include tartan ribbon and thistles...but I'm still working on getting everything just to follow!

But to make this a creative post....allow me to show off my Order of Service cards! I'm really chuffed with these as they were my first attempt at card making....please be gentle with criticisms!!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

A must for a Scottish Wedding

Tartan Confetti

What do you think of that?! Have to say it wasn't origionally my find, it was my mother's. She came across it when she was hunting on the internet for tartan ribbon...but being my mother and not very computer savvy she clicked on anything that said tartan and got the confetti!!

But for those brides and grooms out there wanting to bring a touch of Scotland to their day, but on a small scale what better way than to have this sprinkled on the tables? The only downside is that there is a restriction with the designs/colours available.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

6 and a half months

We hit the 6 and half month the other day...this wedding is real, it's coming and it's beginning to get a little scary if I'm honest.

Had a productive day today with my godmother, we bought jewellery, perfume, set the world right and generally discussed all things wedding, which was really nice. All the little niggles that had been hidden at the back of my head were allowed to come out and be voiced and bless her, my godmother managed to calm me on all of them. Even advice on how to deal with certain guests who I know will be difficult on the day.

It's been a busy week at GBSB, we've had a few agony aunt emails that should be posted soon, had a few requests for information on suppliers and a few lovely emails to thank us for all the information we have on here. It's great to get your emails, so please keep them coming!!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue….

And a silver sixpence for your shoe

A rhyme that traditionally symbolises a good luck token for a bride on her wedding day, but is still to this day recited to every bride when she prepares for the big day.

Something old – this can be your engagement ring, a piece of jewellery, even the groom!

Something new – your dress, your shoes, your jewellery, practically everything!

Something borrowed – a fantastic way to get your new mother in law involved! See if she has a good luck token you can “borrow” for the day. In my case, I’m getting to borrow her engagement ring (which has blue stones so combines the borrowed and blue).

Something blue – this can be your garter, a piece of jewellery, underwear, shoes etc the list is endless!

Silver sixpence – pretty self-explanatory eh?

There are no hard and fast rules on these traditional tokens; you can combine the ‘old’ and the ‘borrowed’ to achieve the desired result.

In my case my old will be my engagement ring, new will be the dress, shoes, jewellery, borrowed will be my grandmother’s sixpence and mother in law to be’s engagement ring, my something blue is my mother in law to be’s engagement ring and the silver sixpence was my grandmother’s.