Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

Oooooooh I've been busy recently.....too busy to even update Guide to Being a Scottish Bride! If you're a follower of Little Tiger Creations's blog you will know why there's not been a lot happening on here! If you're not a follower.....why not?!

We've now officially hit the 5 month mark till our wedding and I am pleased to say that the to do list has shrunk so much!
The latest accomplishment was booking the hairdresser for the wedding, my main fear with this was that I hate hairdressers. The best advice I have been given so far is to make a "scrapbook" of ideas and styles you like and you think may suit you to show to the hairdresser. Collect as many as you feel are necessary and then sit down with someone who knows you well, for instance your mum and go through the ideas one by one. Decide what it is about the style you like, ask your mum if she thinks it will look ok on you....lets face it, there's no one like our mum's brave enough to tell us the truth!!
Once you've whittled down the images show them to the hairdresser and s/he will suggest their professional opinion and advise you what will suit you. Then it's time for the trial! Make sure you've got all the bits and pieces you need for your trial though, otherwise you could delay things!

For your hair trial you will probably need the following:
* Tiara/ tiara comb
* Veil
* Hair decoration (clip, slide etc)
* Jewelled pins if you are having an updo

Good luck with your wedding hair!!

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