Thursday, 9 July 2009

9 months and counting

We've hit the 9 month mark! This is when it starts to get serious. Typically when you hit this stage you should order your wedding cake, organise flowers, sort your guest list, organise the honeymoon and start looking at wedding rings.....because we're pretty organised all we need to do is book the honeymoon (deposit being paid soon), get the flowers sorted (meeting with the florist next week) and we're picked our rings, just need to order them this week.

Other things you might want to think about are how you might want to organise your table plan, what favours you might want to have, do you need to buy any thank you gifts? These are all little things that might not seem too important, but believe me once you start thinking about the little bits and pieces there's no getting away from it all!!

Make a list of what needs to be done by the end of each month, that way you get the feeling of achievement when you score something off the list and also it's a great way of keeping track of what's been done and indeed what there is still to do. Remember to include any payments to be made on your to do list - in our case we have monthly payments to the videography company so I have that on the list for each month to remind me that a payment needs to be made.


  1. I have been showing your blog to my daughter, she said 'mum, I haven't even got a boyfriend'....oh no, I forgot that little detail, just desperate to get that brides mum's outfit
    have a lovely weekend,
    En x

  2. Hi Kate, I tried a hat on yesterday, do you think I am turning into desperate mum..........
    En x