Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Wedding Logos

The Next Big Thing

The monogram has been a longstanding, popular and elegant way of personalising and unifying a wedding theme, everything from the invitations to the wedding cake can display it. As with all ideas, this one is evolving and being replaced by ‘wedding logos,’ the next big thing.

Wedding logos are essentially the same idea but the couples’ initials are replaced with an image which is of some significance or importance to the happy couple. For example, why not use the Eiffel Tower if he proposed in Paris or a thistle for the proud Scottish couple? You can choose any form of logo you like, whether it’s something simple or a work of art, and if you work with a stationery designer they might be able to show you different designs with the logo for ideas.

Getting married is all about families, heritage and our names so we Scots have a head start with our clan crests. They are an incredibly personal to us and can be simplified so that they are perfect as a wedding logo. If you’re both Scottish and want to include both clans, why not include both in your day or design your own by incorporating features from each crest just for you?

The possibilities are simply endless. The great thing about these logos is that once you have decided on one, everything else simply falls into place as you will have a starting point for your theme and colours which will be included in almost every aspect of your day.

Written by Jac at Little Tiger Creations for Guide to Being a Scottish Bride.

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