Wednesday, 9 September 2009

7 months and counting....

It’s officially 7 months today till the wedding, where is time going?! This is beginning to get silly really, someone out there is stealing days when I’m not looking! They must be…… there’s no possible way that it can be this close to the wedding.

Granted there’s not too much left to organise and do, which is good. So far we have the venue booked, the registrar booked, the photographer and video company booked, dress is bought, flowers are ordered, hair and makeup ladies are booked, bridesmaids have dresses and jewellery and the cars are booked. What else?! There must be something else…..oooh the disco for the evening is booked, the piper is booked, the cake is ordered, the invites are made and awaiting stamps for posting in a few months, the thank you presents are almost all bought and wrapped……..I could sit here all day writing what is done and still miss something!

I think for me, my main worry is that things won’t go to plan. Worrying that things will go wrong, someone will spoil the day etc the eternal worrier strikes again! Typical bride thinking here, but will my dress fit? Will it look ok? Will Steve like it?

Granted we’ve had a few wobbles… parents divorcing at the moment does not really help things. Makes you a little jaded on marriage at times, but also serves as a reminder of what happens when the communication breaks down. My brother being difficult about attending the wedding and giving me away. So now my grandfather is giving me away and my uncle will be giving a speech at the wedding. My future father in law has also offered to take on any fatherly duties that day for me should the occasion arise.

Have to say that one of the best pieces of advice that I have been given is from my maid of honour. She told me that weddings bring out the best and worst in some people. This is when you find out who your real friends are and who really isn’t worth the hassle.

Looking forward to this weekend, we’re having a wedding free weekend ALL weekend! This will be good. Going to pack all the boxes up and shove them into the loft, paperwork shoved into a drawer and forgotten about. This will be a weekend for us to enjoy doing random rubbish, going out on our bikes and lazing about! Sounds like heaven to me really!

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