Monday, 29 June 2009

Jewellery and things that sparkle

Once you've picked the all important dress you need to think about all the accessories that go with it, particularly jewellery. In many cases the level of sparkle and bling can make or break the look - and the last thing you want is to look tragic on your big day.

There are some easy steps to follow when deciding on what jewellery to wear. Think about the style of your dress, the detailing on the dress, the sorts of things you actually like......

If your dress is the stereotypical puff ball meringue then you might want to go with something simple and understated. If there is a lot of beading and detailing in your dress you might want to avoid anything too flashy. If there is sparkly beading on your dress why not go with crystal jewellery or diamond, pearls might not look right.

Depending on the neckline of the dress, you might feel a chocker would look better than a pendant......the list of considerations is endless

What jewellery do you want? Do you want earrings? A necklace, a bracelet? All these things need to be thought about!!

Being faced with all these thoughts I took the less stressful route and contacted a specialist to discuss what I wanted and what would look best. Having my jewellery custom designed and made has to be one of the best things I have done for the wedding.

Sonia at Gioia Mia was fantastic! Despite her being based in Glasgow, and I in Aberdeen she emailed me regularly during the consultation period with ideas, pictures and advice. She understood what I meant when I said I wanted something with a little sparkle but no bling. I emailed her a picture of my dress, with close ups of the detailing on the dress and waited to see what she could suggest. I have to admit that I was completely astounded by what she created for me, and I cannot wait till the wedding to wear it, better still I was amazed at the prices. It wasn't that expensive when you consider I was getting custom made pieces that were being made specifically to my requirements (even the length of bracelet was specific to me). I really would recommend that you look into the custom avenue purely to see what is available and to get ideas of what might look best with your dress. Examples of Gioia Mia's work can be seen in the recent edition of the Scottish Wedding Directory and I will post some pictures here soon.

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