Sunday, 28 June 2009

Stationery (part 2)

And so to continue, we've covered a few of the pieces of stationery you might need for your wedding, now let's review the others you may want.

* Order of Service cards - these are rather useful no matter what type of ceremony you're having. For a religious ceremony you can include the hymns, readings and any other information relating to the ceremony. For a civil ceremony you can detail the readings and any music you might be having for the ceremony.

For our wedding I decided to try and make these myself, so with advice from Jac at LTC I bought little bits and pieces (card, vellum, leaves for decoration and squares of cards) and gave it a go. I have to admit it was scary at the time, but thanks to Jac they've come out great!

* Photo Upload cards - these are a relatively new category of stationery. Basically they're little business cards or notes that you can have made up to put on the tables at the wedding reception to ask people taking any digital photography to upload the pictures on to a special Photobucket account, or other website. (Just make sure the cards have the weblink and any required password noted on them!!)

* Table plan and Place cards - Clue is in the name on this one! If you are having a formal wedding banquet then a table plan and place cards are a great idea. You can decide where to seat everyone to make things easier for the caterers (in case you have any one who has a special menu - vegetarians etc). It's also nice to try and "mix" both sets of families up so that they can get to know each other.

* Thank You cards - self explanatory really but an absolute must. These really are essential for any bride and groom to buy/order/make etc. It's polite to thank people for presents and for being generous on your special day, but I leave it up to you to decide whether or not you thank people for attending the event as well as those who gave gifts or whether you just thank those for their gifts.

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  1. Making your own stationery can be extremely daunting, but don't be afraid to check the internet for inspiration, craft stores close to you for materials and good old Ebay! You'll be so glad you did when you have the finished articles ready for handing out at your wedding.

    Or - pay someone to do it :D Then get other items from your to-do list marked off!