Sunday, 28 June 2009

Stationery (part 1)

When it comes to planning a wedding a very important element of the planning is your stationery. Do you simply buy it off the High Street? Do you get a bespoke design? Or have you a crafty ability and can make it yourself? These are all things you have to consider.

The next thing to think about is style. Do you want it to complement the theme of your wedding? What sort of colours are you having for the wedding, how would you like them to compliment your stattionery.....oh the mind boggles and to be quite honest there's to much to think about your head begins to hurt!! Lets simplify it a little:

Stationery you will more than likely need -

* Save the Date Cards - these are great wee cards that you send out approximately a year before the wedding (especially if your wedding is at certain times of the year when people might be otherwise busy like summer holidays, Eastertime or even if it's a midweek wedding). These can be simple little postcard notifications ordered from the likes of Vistaprint
Or if you're more crafty you can make a wee card yourself to let people know when your wedding is, where it is and any other details you feel might be important (for instance if you have a wedding website).

* Invites - the most important piece of stationery for a wedding!! These are pretty much as you suspect to invite people to the wedding. For this you can go along the Vistaprint route - less personal feel but cost effective and less stressful as you work from the styles and designs on their website to create your own (unless you're creative and want to upload a design you've created yourself).

Or you can take the route I've taken and order stationery from an online business. Here you can work with the designer to create something specific and tailored to your needs, you have a greater level of control over your design. Many people this this is a more expensive route to take, however many companies will offer discount or packages if you are ordering ranges of stationery from them.
For bespoke stationery or even standard handmade stationery I would recommend Little Tiger Creations who is run by a very lovely and helpful Scottish lass, Jac who got married last year and so understands the struggle to get stationery the way you want it at a cost effective price.

*RSVP Cards - Simply cards you can have made to send out with your invites for people to tick a box to say they will/will not attend the wedding. This is especially a good idea if you think certain family members or friends will forget to RSVP. If you're as bad as me, it might be an idea to stick some stamps on certain ones so that they have no excuse not to RSVP.
Tip: make a wee note on each card with a number or letter in the corner so if they forget to note on who they are you can identify the sender - for instance number 1 might be your mum so stick a "1" in the bottom corner of the RSVP but make sure it's somewhere only you will notice and not the recipient and remember to keep a note of who all the numbers correspond to!!

This concludes part 1, more to follow later!!

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