Monday, 1 June 2009

Wedding planning, lists and general confusion!

There are so many lists out there of what you should do and when you should do it, how much you should spend on your dress, rings, flowers, shoes – but in all honesty you should spend what you feel is right. We’ve managed to plan and organise our wedding for under £6000 and that’s including my dress! See it can be done!!

Many brides I’ve spoke with have left their planning until close to the wedding date and have spent most of the time dreading the build up to the day because of stress levels. Whereas I started planning with over a year to go and currently with 10 months I have my dress organised, I have ordered my stationery, the cake is ordered, makeup artist, photographer and videographer are all booked!!

Organisation is the key to a successful and happy bride to be!

Some of my top tips are:

1.Make up a list of all the suppliers and business you are using for your wedding. For example –
Little Tiger Creations
3 Poplar Court
07967 840 894

2.Shop around for prices, don’t accept the first quote you get. If you are marrying “out of season” i.e. if you are marrying in April then you might qualify for some discount on your cars or the hotel etc. It’s worth asking about in some cases.

3. Keep an updated to do list – you never know when you will need it.

4.Make sure you print out contracts and emails with details for services you’re using, this makes it easier to organise them in a file and you can check things quickly and easily.

5.If you want to save money, think about what you can realistically do yourself, can you make the favours yourself? Can you provide your own wine instead of buying wine from the hotel?

Weddings tend to bring out the best and worst in people. Don’t be surprised if you discover your oldest friend suddenly becomes a nightmare, you will also realise that someone you may not have thought would be interested or would help might become the most helpful person.

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