Monday, 27 July 2009

Colours - ideas for trends in 2010

The hardest part of planning a wedding for me was getting started, I was given a tip that once you pick your colour scheme everything else just falls into place and I must say it was much easier as it seems to be the first question suppliers ask you. So here’s a little look at what’s hot for 2010.
Black is, well the new black for 2010! Brides have been increasingly bold with their use of this colour (myself included) and we are seeing more and more being available for the sophisticated black and white colour scheme. Invitations in black and white range from the simple and sophisticated to completely extravagant and elegant. In fact black and white theme invitations are my favourite as you don’t have the bright colours to take your attention away from the most important factors.
Orange is fast becoming the comeback colour, after having slipped below the radar for a few years.

I’ve had a few brides to be exclaiming in horror at the idea until they see how fresh and vibrant orange with a bronze undertone really is. It’s also incredibly versatile and can be paired with hundreds of colours such as silver, gold, lilac, blue, cream and my favourite chocolate brown. It’s a fantastic colour for an autumn wedding.

Gone are the days of avoiding red and white for fear that they symbolise ‘blood and bandages’, brides are using this colour scheme and claiming back the colours as ‘love and purity’ which I think is a gorgeous way of looking at it. Red is such a vibrant and bold colour, which just simply adds romance. A red ribbon on a simple wedding invitation takes it from something plain to effortlessly fabulous.

The biggest colour for 2010 has to be bright yellow. When teamed with turquoise, this is the perfect spring/summer colour scheme. Fresh and warm, it can be incorporated to nearly every aspect of your wedding, most obviously of course your invitations and favours.
So for the perfect on trend wedding in 2010 your colours should be as bold, bright and beautiful as the bride.

Written by Jac at Little Tiger Creations for Guide to Being a Scottish Bride.

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