Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are a great way to thank your guests for coming to your wedding and helping to celebrating your special day. But what do you give? Do you keep it simple with the same thing for everyone? Do you get favours for male guests and different ones for the female ones? Do you get separate ones for children that are attending the wedding? So many decisions!!

The great thing about children’s favours is that you can use them to identify the guests that are under 18 for the hotel staff. This way they know that if there are certain guests with a specific item in front of them not to offer them wine with their dinner or to allow them bubbly for the toasts. An ingenious idea I though! Rubik’s Cubes, soft toys, activity books and anything they can play with that doesn’t cause any noise are a good idea!

As for the grown ups, well the world is your oyster so to speak. Traditionally many people give sugared almonds. In the “old days” they gave 5 almonds, each representing a different thing: fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. The symbolism of the sweet sugar coating and the bitter almond to represent the bitter/sweet elements to marriage. These would be packaged up in a pretty form of packaging and presented by the happy couple to their guests.

A more modern approach is being taken with regards to favours at the moment, couples opting for personalised or special gifts to present to their guests. A popular choice is seed packs and seed sticks which they can buy from certain wedding websites, and better still they can have these personalised to their wedding theme colours etc and have their names and the wedding date printed on the cover.

Personalised wedding favours are becoming far more popular in recent times, many people opting for that “personal” touch to make it more special. Nowadays you can have just about anything personalised to give as a favour, glasses, candles, sweets etc.

The dilemma comes when deciding how to present these, do you add them to the table decoration and cleverly use them as a place setting? Do you keep them off the tables and in a little basket or box so guests can help themselves? Do the bride and groom take the time to go round their guests during the wedding reception and present each guest individually with a favour? There are so many ways to give these and it’s best to go with what suits you both. Don’t feel pressured into sticking with traditions that are outdated in your opinion, and likewise if you don’t intend to give favours then do not feel obliged to doing so because the mother of the bride/groom tells you that you must, as I always write – It’s your day, so do it your way!!

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  1. Using a decorated basket, the flower girl is a perfect choice for handing out favours whilst everyone is seated. This lets the bride and groom relax, the flower girl feel important and adds a lot of the cuteness factor!