Monday, 10 August 2009

Save the Date

To send or not to send?

Deciding when to send your invitations out is not always easy. The standard timescale used to be 2 months before the big day but with busy schedules, holidays and life in general getting in the way, 8 weeks is often not enough notice for those you wish to attend.

Realistically invitations really need to be sent three to four months before the big day to allow people to organise and clear their schedules in order to attend. Sometimes even this amount of notice isn’t enough as holidays can be booked up to a year in advance. The solution has been Save the Date cards, informal announcements which precede your invitations by several months. These cards are now being viewed as an obligatory part of the invitation process but with tightening budgets are they something that you will need to send out?

Save the Date cards are a wonderful touch and incredibly useful in some situations but you should always keep in mind that those you send a Save the Date card to must be invited to the event. Sometimes people have found themselves regretting sending the cards out too early as their relationships have changed and they would no longer want to invite a certain person to the event. It is incredibly important that you make the list of which people you are sending cards to very carefully.

Here are a few situations where Save the Date cards are ideal:
· Events scheduled near bank or religious holidays often require a Save the Date to be issued in order to ensure that your guests will have sufficient times to adjust their plans in order to attend. Remember that different religions have different days of importance throughout the year and whilst you may not celebrate that day some of your guests will.

· The busiest months for holidays and weddings are June, July and August. Advance notice for guests is often greatly appreciated as it allows guests to change any pre-booked holidays without excessive charges or ensure that they can organise annual leave from their place of employment.

· Some guest may have to travel a long way in order to attend your event, which will be a costly affair for them. Booking travel arrangements and hotels are often cheaper the further in advance that you can book them. Also if your event is abroad, the more time you allow for your guests to make arrangements, the better chance they will be able to attend your event.
The decision is a personal one and one that should be thought about with great care. There are many pros and cons to the process and these have to be considered in relation to your event.

Personally, I choose to send them to those I am 100% positive that I would like to attend, mainly close friends and family or important business associates. From there you will receive an indication of who will be able to make it and who will not, meaning that you will have a better idea of numbers well in advance of the event.

Written by Jac at Little Tiger Creations for Guide to Being a Scottish Bride

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