Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Shoes are an important part of any girl’s outfit, but even more important when the outfit is for a bride! There are so many pairs out there in so many styles and colours that it can be hard to pick the “right” ones.
My advice is to think about what sorts of shoes you like, what style your dress is and most importantly what you are willing to pay.

There are lots of specially designed shoes for weddings from the links of Pink by Paradox, Rainbow Club to name just two – seriously have a look on a search engine on the internet and see how many hits you get! It is really amazing that there are so many out there! The prices of these designer ones does vary, there are specific sites that you will find a bargain on, the likes of Ebay and Girls of Elegance are some good ones – you might manage to time it right to there’s a sale on, discount is a bride’s best friend!!

Dress style can often dictate the sorts of shoe you wear, some dresses are long and so your shoes are hidden, but some dresses are a mid length, and so a pretty pair shoes are a necessity. Pointed toe shoes are fast becoming more popular – but a note of advice for these shoes, they do have a tendency to pinch your toes so it might be an idea to buy a size bigger than your usual size to avoid discomfort and to allow you to walk comfortably in them.
Round toe and peep toe shoes are also quite a popular choice for many brides, I have gone for a pair of satin peep toe shoes with a slight sequin detail because my dress will be just above ground level so the shoes may be on display slightly.

Sore feet are likely to be a factor on your big day so remember to break those shoes in sufficiently before the day. Or why not invest in some gel pads for inside your shoes to save nasty blisters and aching feet. Remember you will be on your feet a lot of the time that day, dancing, catching up with people and of course during the ceremony!

Recently a lot of brides have favoured having 2 pairs of shoes for the big day, heels for the ceremony and pictures (especially if like me they are lacking in the height department) and a comfortable pair of flats for the evening reception, indeed a friend recently donned her slippers in the evening because her feet were sore…imagine the groom’s face when she flashed a pair of pink furry slippers when she was up dancing!!

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