Thursday, 27 August 2009

Seven & a half months

At seven and a half months, my wedding planning is now getting to “scary mode”. Now is the time for those little bits and pieces I’ve been putting off for weeks to be done.

The invites are in the process of being made (thanks to Little Tiger Creations, I’m sure that Jac will show you all a sneak preview on her blog when she’s done).
The Order of Service cards are being made, we’ve printed the inserts (thanks to the lovely people at Banchory Registrars checking over the readings we’ve picked and saying that they were fine) and we’re just working out how to use ribbon to hold the whole thing together.
Most of the thank you gifts have now been bought for the wedding party, the guest list is complete (with a ‘B’ list made up just in case).

Granted the bridesmaid’s dresses are still causing some level of concern for me at the moment, we finally find dresses that are perfect, get the last one in the UK in the right size for it not to fit and because it’s 100% silk adding a panel or something is very unlikely…..this is not good! So now it may be that the bridesmaids are not matching and will be wearing similar colours……oh well cest la vie as the French say!

Taking extra care of my skin at the moment and trying to grow my hair, technically I have 6 months to get everything perfect. Cleanse tone and moisturise religiously every morning and evening. Deep conditioning treatment for my hair once a week, face masks and relaxation are the key to a luscious bride!
Even managing to grow my nails at the moment, think it’s about time to book in for a manicure to get them shaped properly and to get tips on how to get the best from them. Determined to have perfect nails for our wedding!

Next project is organising the Mother of the Bride – in my case possibly going to be more difficult to find an out for than the Bride!!

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