Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Table Names / Table Numbers

Names vs. Numbers

A hotly debated topic in wedding circles is whether is it better to name the tables at the wedding banquet, or to have numbered tables. There are pros and cons to each idea, for instance it can be difficult thinking of names for 12 tables when your theme is something simple. Numbers might be seen as the easier option, unless you have difficult family members that are likely to cause a fuss when they discover they are at table 6 and your friends are at table 3.

Numbers are the easy option in many cases because it causes less stress and hassle, in our case numbers are easier because we can’t agree on table names!

Some recent ideas for table names I’ve seen are retro sweets, Scottish islands, types of pasta, places the couple have visited, types of wine, shades of colours…. the list is endless, but this only works when you have a theme this fits with. If your theme is “summery chic” then you can use “summery” words or ideas for table names and this can lend itself to the decorations etc for the tables.

Once you have decided on numbers or names you need to think about holders…. there are stands you can buy off “good ol’ eBay”, or you can follow our lead and buy cheap pine picture frames from Ikea, spray paint them to match your colour scheme and then take advantage of online photo printing services that offer you free prints, stick your numbers/names jpgs in with your pictures and hey presto you’ve got glossy table numbers/names!! Some wedding venues might provide these so it might be worth checking before you part with any money buying them

There are a variety of options out there for you to explore, remember at the end of the day it’s what you want for your day. So long as it is special to you then it does not matter what anyone thinks.

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