Monday, 31 August 2009

Wedding Invitations

When to send your invitations

Sending out the wedding invites can be a bit of a pain in all honesty. Traditionally speaking you should send them 8 weeks before the wedding, roughly 2 months. But if your wedding is a weekday then it might be wise to send them a bit earlier than that, say 3 or 4 months. Likewise if your wedding is at a time people are likely to be on holiday. Weddings in June/July need the invites to be sent out March/April time to ensure that people have enough time to reschedule work commitments or holidays in some cases.

You must remember that if you are sending invites internationally, like we are, then these need to be sent even earlier – in our case invites to Australia are going to be sent out at the end of December/early January.

Once you have settled on a date to post out your invites, you need to check with Royal Mail what the postage will be. What size are they? What width are they? Will they be classed as a letter? Or are they too long to be a letter so will they be classed as a large letter? All of these things need to be considered, if in doubt ask for advice at the Post Office, don’t worry that you are causing trouble. It is better to be sure about the postage rather than slapping stamps onto the envelopes and then finding out later that relatives have had to pay a postage charge for their invite…some family members might not see the funny side of this!!

And a sneaky peek of our invites!

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  1. LOL and of my messy work desk!! They aren't peanut M&M's honest....!!