Saturday, 5 September 2009

Supplier - Little Tiger Creations

Little Tiger Creations

What makes your company so unique and stand out?
I would say our attitude sets us apart from other companies, I love doing this and always give 100% to the task. Sometimes I end up more excited than the brides!

What are your main influences?
Everything! Colours I see during the day, fabrics, photographs. I love finding colours and themes I like and trying to apply them to cardmaking. Generally I discuss colours, themes, likes and dislikes with the clients and expand the designs from there.

Why did you go into business?
I was bullied into it! After my wedding I started getting phonecalls and emails asking me to produce their wedding stationery or an order of cards. I thought well if I'm going to be doing it I may as well make some money for the work I do and Little Tiger Creations was born

Can you tell us a little about the person behind the business? Name, age etc? Favourite place to relax?
My name is Jaclyn but everyone calls me Jac, I recently turned 24 and I'm from Dumfries in the South West of Scotland. I moved to Glasgow when I was 18 where I worked in the financial sector, after the announcement that I was to become an auntie I decided to move home to be closer to the family. I now have a wonderful little house in suburbia where I am probably the closest to a crazy cat they will get. My favourite place to relax is at my bureau. From there I can wind up the husband, cuddle the cats, create cards and listen to very loud music.

Is your business solely for weddings? Or do you diversify?
We will try anything! We have recently completed a Christening invitation order and have a few birthday products being designed. I love trying new things and trying to help clients out as much as possible. If we've never done it before, we'll happy to give it a go!

What is your favourite piece of work and why?
I have to pick only one? I don't know if I can do that, my other bits and bobs might feel left out... Ok you twisted my arm. I love the Disney characters Christening guest book that I designed for my niece!

Are “Bridezillas” really a nightmare to work with?
I hate the term but these ladies are amazing to work with. These ladies know what they want, when they want it and best of all they are organised.

What are the best clients to work with?
I've never really worked with a client who wasn't great to work with. I particularly enjoy working with brides as I love their enthusiasm and willingness to help in the design process to ensure the finished product is absolutely perfect.

Who would be your ideal client?
Gerard Butler - Just so I could talk to him on the phone!

Finally, what words of wisdom can you pass on to the brides out there?
Lists are your friend. Getting panicky and overwhelmed is bound to happen, if you have a list in black and white you know exactly what is to be done, what is to be paid and what is done and dusted. I found having that calmed me right down during a fluttery spell, it also eliminates that nasty 'have I forgotten anything?' feeling. Also - don't suffer alone, brides have done this before you, they managed to get through it alive and well...if you're struggling, ask!

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