Monday, 7 September 2009

Bubbles Vs Confetti

Traditionally when the bride and groom emerge from the church as "Mr and Mrs X" the gathered crowd throw handfuls of confetti or rice. Historically this dates back to ancient Pagan times, where the happy couple were showered with seeds in the theory of wishing them a ‘fruitful’ union.

Modern confetti, small pieces of paper in a variety of shaped and colours have since replaced this aged Pagan rite, as a safer and inexpensive substitute. As well as the paper confetti, many wedding guests have been known to throw dried flower petals to bless the marriage.

Whilst this tradition survives, it is once again changing. As we become a more environmentally conscious nation, many wedding venues are banning the use of traditional confetti due to the mess and the danger it may pose to wild life in the surrounding are, especially at weddings in country venues. Bubbles are the ‘new’ confetti. They are environmentally friendlier than paper confetti and in some cases can add to the atmosphere and bring a special something to the wedding photography.

Bubbles are widely available in individual containers; I say containers since you can have shaped bottles that look like wedding cakes, champagne bottles etc, they can be personalised with your names on the labels and the wedding date, with ribbons – the list is endless. Why not have a basket full of the bottles for the guests to take one as they leave the ceremony so they can blow bubbles once outside. The great thing about bubbles is that it allows you to release your inner child!

Another option is to buy bubble machines. They can be purchased off the high street or even on eBay for a few pounds and set up to blow bubbles continuously throughout the day (so long as the batteries hold out and you top up the bubble liquid).

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